Wind turbine recycling

Five parts of a wind turbine were transported to our yard in Dordrecht. Weighing roughly 60 tonnes each, the tubular tower sections are approx. 25 metres long and have a diameter of around 4.2 metres.

The most important part of dismantling a wind turbine is to sustainably use the materials recovered from these turbines. The tower sections are cut into pieces and dismantled, thus transforming them into secondary raw materials that are melted down into new iron.

Jansen Recycling Group is proud to contribute to the circularity of these materials and work on a world as it is meant to be.

Wind turbine recycling JRG
Hopper barge

Hopper barges and other types of vessels can be dismantled and recycled at our yards. Read more here.

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Storage tower

Curious about the possibilities when dismantling a storage tower? Read the article.

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A more sustainable future with over 4200 solar panels at our site in Dordrecht

Read in the article how the project went and about the festive opening of the solar panel project.

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