Rental of storage space

Looking for a strategically situated indoor space or outdoor space in Dordrecht or Vlaardingen? Our water-connected sites in Dordrecht or Vlaardingen offer a wide range of options. 

Leeuweneiland, Dordrecht

Our 113,000 m² site lies within the Zeehaven port area, on the Oude Maas to the region side of Dordrecht. Various sheds and paved yards are available to rent here for assembly, storage/transhipment and other activities. The largest shed is 168 metres long, 45 metres wide and 20 metres high, in the shadow of various cranes. We also have various warehouses and offices available.

Koggehaven, Vlaardingen

Our site in Vlaardingen (36,500 m²) lies directly on Het Scheur / de Nieuwe Waterweg in Vlaardingen. This location has a strategically situated open connection to the North Sea. The quayside is 140 metres long. The entire site has a liquid-proof surface. There is also an on-site water-treatment works. In addition to the yards, the following can also be rented: the new shed (1,200 m²) and various premium offices (including canteen and sanitary facilities). 

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