Dismantle and recycle a storage tower?

Known as the ‘dismantling yard’, our Vlaardingen yard is where we dismantle large objects, such as offshore structures, shipwrecks, oil and gas rigs, and wind turbines.

Every now and again, we get a special object, such as the storage tower that was recently shipped to our yard for dismantling. The whole thing was too big and heavy to transport by road, so it was transported by water by the Matador 2, a huge floating sheerleg.

The storage tower was 9.75 metres long, 9.7 metres wide, and 25.5 metres tall, and it weighed a whopping 170,000 kilogrammes. Having this tower in our yard made for an impressive sight. It did not last long, though, as it was dismantled into secondary raw materials that were shipped to various smelting plants.

A more sustainable future with over 4200 solar panels at our site in Dordrecht

Read in the article how the project went and about the festive opening of the solar panel project.

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Project Baltic Ace completed

At the end of 2015, Jansen Recycling Group successfully completed the dismantling of the wreckage parts of the car carrier Baltic Ace.

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Dismantling of wind turbine towers

We have been dismantling wind turbines since 2017. Curious how? Then read the article!

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