New production scrap

New production scrap originates from the metal-processing industry (sheeting, beams), construction companies or shipping. We distinguish between shipyard steel and new iron.

New shipping steel is new production scrap that is entirely free of contamination or alloys. The thickness is > 5 mm. This is often sheeting material, i.e. trimmings from new sheeting or even the punched sheet.

  • Names: New shipping steel, scrap 2B
  • Thickness: > 5 mm
  • Galvanised parts: not permitted
  • Mechanical parts: not permitted                   


New iron is new sheeting material, often thin (> 1 mm). It may be painted or galvanised, but not alloyed. 

  • Name: new iron
  • Thickness: > 1 to 5 mm
  • Galvanised parts: permitted
  • Mechanical parts: not permitted


Certain homogeneous material flows are used by foundries for producing special high-grade products. This material is called: bonus scrap.

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