Our values & principles

The Big 5 of Jansen Recycling Group

The values & principles function as a compass. They give Jansen Recycling Group direction in its daily activities. They give a sense of our identity, and form the basis of our operations and choices. We stand for these values and can be held accountable for them.

To create an appealing concept for (internal) communication, we came up with The Big 5. No, we’re not referring to the big five wild animals that you have to see if you go on safari. But we are talking about the five properties that underpin our five core values.

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Peace of mind (the octopus)

As an octopus with many tentacles, Jansen Recycling Group gives its clients peace of mind. We are strongly service and client oriented. We pay fair prices and ensure rapid settlement. We supply premium material to our customers. And will solve any logistical challenge you face.

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Responsible (the elephant)

Elephants have a very strong sense of responsibility for their peers and their young. At Jansen Recycling Group, we feel a strong sense of responsibility to clients and colleagues, the company and the world. So thanks to our core process, we keep valuable raw materials in the chain, while keeping the impact on the environment and its inhabitants to a minimum. We trade with integrity. Work safely. And point out unsafe situations of unsafe conduct.

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Connecting (the spider)

No one is so adept at linking networks as a spider, connecting everything together. The spider maintains control over the entire web through feel and strategic positioning. That is exactly what we do at Jansen. We are connected with our surroundings and are always open for new partnerships.

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Commitment (the dog)

A dog is very committed to its boss. At Jansen Recycling Group, we are committed to each other and to our business relations. We love to learn and pursue improvement in everything we do. We show ‘commitment’ to the company and cherish the business in our hearts.

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Entrepreneurial (the beaver)

Beavers build dams in rivers and streams. These structures are often enormous. Even influencing the course of the river. The employees of Jansen Recycling Group think in terms of opportunities and possibilities. If necessary, they will beat a new path to find a solution. Our down-to-earth entrepreneurial mentality means we keep going long after others have given up.

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