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Jansen Recycling Group is initiator and shareholder in Purified Metal Company, a start-up with the mission to recycle steel scrap in a sustainable way into secondary raw materials.

Innovative metal recycling in Delfzijl

Signing of the land lease agreement between Groningen Seaports and Purified Metal Company represents the first step towards innovative metal recycling in Delfzijl. On a 3.8-hectare lot we are building an extremely modern plant. Here we will be recycling contaminated steel scrap into a premium raw material for the steel industry. This removes the contamination and saves a lot of CO₂ versus producing steel from iron.

Value chain steel and scrap

Modern plant for recycling steel scrap

Purified Metal Company was the first to develop a patented process to recycle asbestos-bearing metal scrap. The steel smelter reaches a temperature of 1,500°C and breaks the hazardous asbestos fibres down into sand, glass and magnesium oxide. The fully sealed factory guarantees the safety of people and the environment during processing and transport. It uses only thoroughly tested techniques that have more than proven their reliability in other sectors. All the knowledge and expertise required for realising and operationalising the plant are in the hands of the shareholders and partners of Purified Metal Company.

Fore further information, got to the website of Purified metal company.

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