Dutch breakthrough in the recycling of contaminated metal

The Dutch recycling company ‘Purified Metal Company’ wants to build a state-of-the-art facility in Delfzijl (The Netherlands), to recycle contaminated steel scrap into high-quality raw material for the steel industry. This novel recycling facility will neutralise most pollution present and brings down CO2-emissions when compared to steel from iron ore.

Delfzijl (The Netherlands), 12 May 2017. With the signing of the land lease agreement between Groningen Seaports and Purified Metal Company this week, the first step is taken towards state-of-the-art metal recycling in North of Holland. The factory covers 3.8 hectares of ground in the immediate vicinity of the recently opened solar panel park.Purified Metal Company is the first company in the world who developed a patented process to safely recycle steel scrap containing asbestos. In the melting process, the contaminated steel reaches a temperature of 1,500°C (2732°F).

Hereby all the hazardous asbestos fibers are broken down into sand, glass and magnesium oxide. The fully-sealed recycling factory is specially designed to guarantee human and environmental safety during the processing and transportation. To further guarantee this safety, only proven and reliable techniques from other sectors are used in the factory.Groningen Seaports and alderman Rijzebol of the municipality of Delfzijl are very pleased with the arrival of this world-leading factory. “The licensing ensures that this is an unquestionably safe procedure for both the people who work there and the environment. The essence of the circular economy is closing material flows. That fits well in our vision of sustainability.

Therefore, we are proud that Purified Metal Company has chosen the location of Delfzijl”, says alderman Rijzebol. He continues: “The recycling of steel also has a huge impact on the total CO2-emissions. Therefore, Purified Metal Company fits very well in the Green Harbour Vision 2030. In addition, the creation of 70 jobs is very welcome.”Purified Metal Company is currently in the process of applying for all the necessary permits within the environmental rules and regulations. The Dutch company hopes to start construction before the end of 2017.

About Purified Metal Company
Purified Metal Company is the first company in the world to provide a environmentally- friendly and economically viable method to recycle contaminated steel scrap into high quality raw material for the steel industry. For more information, please visit.

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