King Willem-Alexander to open PMC factory

Jansen Recycling Group is the co-initiator of and a shareholder in Purified Metal Company, a start-up on a mission to sustainably recycle contaminated steel scrap to produce secondary raw materials. Following an eighteen-month construction period, the factory in the northern Dutch town of Farmsum will be opened by King Willem-Alexander on Thursday 24 September. We and our fellow shareholders are extremely proud that the factory is now ready, following a process that lasted several years. We look forward to continuing our collaboration with PMC to also convert contaminated steel scrap into a high-quality raw material for the steel industry, using an environmentally friendly and economically feasible method.

There is a large amount of contaminated steel, which comes from steel constructions and other items that are demolished or dismantled, such as chemical plants, drilling platforms and train carriages. These constructions and items are contaminated with asbestos, chromium-6 or other chemicals, which can be removed by smelting the steel at high temperatures. The asbestos disintegrates, the chromium-6 is captured in the flue and combustion of organic compounds takes place. The company promotes reuse of raw materials and reduces carbon emissions from steel production.

PMC’s activities fit in seamlessly with Jansen Recycling Group’s vision of ‘working on a world as it is meant to be’.

Yards closed on May 21 and 22

Yards closed on May 21 and 22 due to Ascenscion Day

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Opening hours over the holiday period

Due to Christmas, our sites will be closed in the afternoon on Friday 20 December and Tuesday 24 December, as well as all day on Friday 27 December. On 31 December, we will be open until noon

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JRG acquires all shares in Bas Kooij Transport

On 28 March, it was announced that Jansen Recycling Group has acquired all shares in haulage company Bas Kooij Transport.

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