JRG acquires all shares in Bas Kooij Transport

On 28 March, it was announced that Jansen Recycling Group has acquired all shares in haulage company Bas Kooij Transport.

The companies have collaborated intensively for many years now, and this fruitful partnership has given them both a solid reputation in the industry and far beyond. Bas Kooij Transport is a leading haulier when it comes to transporting recyclable goods and has a fleet of 35 relatively new lorries and over 500 containers, all of which are built by Kooij in Dordrecht, The Netherlands. The acquisition is also in line with Jansen Recycling Group’s strategy, as transport is a crucial link in the chain when it comes to collection of ferrous and non-ferrous material. It will furthermore enable Jansen to offer customers all-in services. Bas Kooij Transport is a logistics service provider that thoroughly anticipates customers’ needs and helps them to improve their processes, so Bas Kooij will bring tremendous added value to Jansen’s customers too.


Jansen Recycling Group leads Top 25 Recycling Companies

In a report drawn up by Aeternus Corporate Finance, Jansen Recycling Group came out top of the list.

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New 24-metre long weighbridge

Jansen Recycling Group put a third weighbridge into service at the Dordrecht site in October.

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Opening hours

Here you will find information about opening hours during the holidays.

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