Jansen Recycling Group leads Top 25 Recycling Companies

In a report drawn up by Aeternus Corporate Finance, Jansen Recycling Group came out top of the list.

Aeturnus investigated 25 companies in the Dutch recycling industry and assessed them on growth, gross earnings, productivity and cost-effectiveness, among others. The figures cover the period 2013 to 2016. These are not the most recent figures but they are hard figures and it is a nice compliment for the team which rolls up their sleeves each and every day handling a mountain of work.

One of the main reasons presented by Aeturnus is that “Jansen Recycling Group made large investments in two new yards in the cities of Dordrecht and Vlaardingen and in new machinery,” such as material handlers and a scrap metal shear with the largest capacity in Western Europe. “This boosted growth further, despite the aftermath of the economic crisis.”

It is wonderful that a strong financial performance goes hand in hand with executing Jansen Recycling Group’s vision: Working on a world as it meant to be.

Click here to read the full report (NL)

New 24-metre long weighbridge

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Opening hours

Here you will find information about opening hours during the holidays.

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Collaboration between Bas Kooy Transport and Jansen Recycling Group

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