Carbon emissions

At Jansen Recycling Group we aim to reduce our carbon emissions. For 2020, we have set ourselves the target of cutting our direct carbon emissions per tonne of processed material by 20% in comparison to 2013.

The total carbon emission of Jansen Recycling Group is 4,495 tons, without transport. This is 6% less than in 2015. The CO2 emissions are mainly caused by the scrap shears, cranes and forklifts. Which strongly influences the CO2 footprint is the amount of tons we process annually. In 2016, we processed 476,000 tonnes, 60,000 tonnes (15%) more than in 2015. The carbon emissions calculated per tonne decreased by over 18%. If we count scope 3 (transport) also, there is however a slight increase of 2% on the whole. The main cause is more sales in the Far East.

The footprint is verified by SGS Netherlands

Concept engineering completed!

The concept engineering of the first plant of PMC has been completed.

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Pmc process demonstrated!

The last year Purified Metal Company has entered into a partnership with the Technical University of Aachen.

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