Dismantling of the SS Ping An

On 23 November 1965, the cargo ship the SS Ping An suffered engine problems. The ship laid anchor at the mouth of the Nieuwe Waterweg, awaiting instructions from Hong Kong. But a heavy storm blew up that night. The anchor chains snapped and the ship started to drift. It ran aground on the morning of 24 November 1965 an the beach at Ter Heijde. 

The ship remained lying on the beach for several months, where thousands of people came to see it. In 1966, the grandfather of the current generation of Jansen was commissioned with his H.P. Heuvelman ship-breaking company to dismantle the stranded cargo ship. In March 1966, the company started to demolish the ship on the beach. By the end of August 1966, the remnants were removed to ‘s-Gravendeel, where the job was completed. In total, the ship weighed 9824 tons.

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