TV-news item on dismantling production platforms

On Friday 3 March, RTL News broadcast an item on the decommissioning or reuse of oil and gas production platforms, along with video of, and an interview with Jansen Recycling Group in Vlaardingen.

Offshore oil and gas reserves are gradually being depleted and the owners of the production platforms are required to remove the structures. Around 150 platforms that are at the end of their useful service life can be found in the Dutch waters of the North Sea. The costs of removing these has been estimated at 7 billion euros, 12 billion if the pipelines also need to be removed.

Jansen Recycling Group’s dismantling yard in Vlaardingen, which has all the necessary certificates and licences as well as an open connection to the North Sea, is a logical choice for these future dismantling operations. 

New yard for non-ferrous scrap in Dordrecht

The new non-ferrous site will measure around 14,000m², making it 40% larger than the former site.

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Delivery of non-ferrous materials

Due to the upcoming relocation from Rotterdam to Dordrecht, there will be some changes to delivery requirements.

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Look back on 2016, look ahead to 2017

The volume of materials processed was up 10% on 2015, despite a turbulent and unstable market.

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