The dismantling of 9 straddle carriers

At our Vlaardingen yard, 9 straddle carriers have been delivered for dismantling. MNE had these carriers shipped from Sweden to the Netherlands and will dismantle them at our yard. Jansen Recycling Group will subsequently turn the remaining scrap into secondary raw materials.

The straddle carriers were in use at a container terminal in Sweden. After several dozen years in use, the carriers had reached the end of their service life and needed to be dismantled. MNE removed them and had them shipped to the Netherlands.

Once they arrived in Vlaardingen, they were lifted out of the ship one by one, which was quite a challenge given that each carrier weighs as much as 70,000 kilogrammes. And they are 13 metres tall, 10 metres long, and 6.5 metres wide.

MNE will be dismantling the straddle carriers at the yard in Vlaardingen, while Jansen Recycling Group will convert the remaining scrap into secondary raw materials. All in all, another fine project and collaboration between two professional parties!

dismantling straddle carriers
On-site filling station

Jansen Recycling Group and Bas Kooy Transport are joining forces to build an on-site filling station at the site in Dordrecht.

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New forklift truck

At the shipyard in Dordrecht we have a new Duty Forklift from Hyster. Read more about it in the article!

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Dismantling a tunnel boring machine

Jansen Recycling Group has been commissioned to dismantle a tunnel boring machine. Curious about the project? Read the article!

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