Sustainable crane operation

On 4 November, the entire site team completed the Het Nieuwe Draaien (the new way of operating) course. “Good tools are half the work; the other half is knowing how to use them.”

The training course Het New Rijden, aimed at improving personal driving skills in passenger cars to reduce fuel consumption, has been around for some time already. And now Jansen’s crane supplier Wynmalen & Hausmann has developed its own course for crane operators to teach them how to work in the most energy-efficient way possible. 

After learning ‘smart’ techniques, crane operators can save substantially on fuel consumption without affecting the operational output of their crane. Although the new cranes have already been equipped with innovative fuel-saving technology, this is only effective when operated using the right techniques. Some of these techniques include proper use of the various modes like Eco and Power, reducing periods of idling, ensuring the crane is set up correctly, and operating the crane smoothly. Optimum efficiency also depends on proper maintenance of the cranes. 

CSR evening with climate expert Reinier van den Berg

On 12 December, a CSR evening was organised for all employees of Jansen Recycling Group.

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Dismantling of 6.000 tonnes bridge

Between October and December, the bridge sections of the old Botlek bridge were delivered in stages to our dismantling yard.

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Summer! The perfect moment to stop and think about why we do what we do in our everyday lives.

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