Scrap shear in Dordrecht good as new

The scrap shear in Dordrecht is back in operation after a major overhaul lasting three weeks. The blade seats and side compressor have been replaced and the conveyor belt has undergone maintenance.

The Vezzani shears have been in use for four years now, operating for a total of 8,000 hours. The cylinders and a few other components were replaced when the shears reached the 6,000-hr mark (in May 2016). Our own Technical Services department carried out the work, in close collaboration with our partners, and was able to complete the operation within the allotted time. During this major overhaul, the acceptance and processing of ferrous material was taken over by our Vlaardingen yard, which operates shears with a somewhat smaller capacity (1,000 tons). Our Vezzani shears with 1,600 tons cutting force are now as good as new and we’re ready to go again. 

TV-news item on dismantling production platforms

On Friday 3 March, RTL News broadcast an item on the decommissioning or reuse of oil and gas production platforms.

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New yard for non-ferrous scrap in Dordrecht

The new non-ferrous site will measure around 14,000m², making it 40% larger than the former site.

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Delivery of non-ferrous materials

Due to the upcoming relocation from Rotterdam to Dordrecht, there will be some changes to delivery requirements.

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