On-site filling station

Jansen Recycling Group and Bas Kooy Transport are joining forces to build an on-site filling station at the site in Dordrecht for use by Bas Kooy’s lorries.

History of Jansen Recycling Group and Bas Kooy

Considering that transport is an indispensable link in the processing of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, Jansen Recycling Group acquired Bas Kooy Transport in 2019. Another reason for this acquisition was the fact that Bas Kooy is a logistics service provider who is quick to offer knowledgeable input on logistics processes and a team of professionals who relieve the customer of all their material transport worries.

The advantage of an on-site filling station

Building a filling station right on site saves a lot of money: refuelling at a regular filling station costs much more than when we handle this ourselves. In addition to diesel, lorries can also replenish their AdBlue, a fluid that ensures that the engine has cleaner combustion and so emits less CO2.

Building the on-site filling station

Construction of the on-site filling station started on 5 April 2021 with the pouring of the concrete foundation, which was done in collaboration with BMN De Klerk. The concrete slab is liquid-tight so that any spilled liquids do not end up seeping through to the ground. The oil and water are separated and collected in underground tanks. The oily liquid is responsibly disposed of on a regular basis.

Now that the foundation is ready, the other components of the on-site filling station can be installed in July. The tank can hold up to 25,000 litres of diesel, meaning up to one million litres of diesel can be dispensed on an annual basis.

New forklift truck

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Break time changes and new measures

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