New mobile scrap shear

After 1.5 years of close collaboration between Jansen Recycling Group and Vezzani, we have finally reached the moment we have all been waiting for! Our unique, mobile scrap shearing machine has been taken into use at our Dordrecht yard!

About Vezzani

Vezzani is an Italian manufacturer of scrap processing equipment such as scrap shears and balers. With a track record in the metal recycling world spanning many years, they were the first to make a ‘mobile’ scrap shear in the 1970s. Vezzani has since grown into a multinational company that has sold over 2,000 machines in 50 countries.

From idea to unique mobile scrap shear

The process started when the old scrap shearing machine at our non-ferrous yard was up for replacement. We needed something new and wanted a truly sustainable and efficient solution.

After thorough market research and a number of exploratory talks, we ultimately decided to do business with Vezzani (again). Since they supplied the large scrap shear at our ferrous yard, we already had a very good long-standing partnership with them, so we both knew where we stood with each other. They also offered us the option of designing a customised scrap shear. With their expertise and our experience, input and requirements, we jointly designed a unique continuous track-mounted scrap shear that not only allows us to optimise our processing of both ferrous and non-ferrous scrap, but also enables us to process scrap on our clients’ sites. This means considerably less (internal) scrap transport and a significant carbon emission reduction. The ability to cut carbon emissions was a key consideration in our ultimate choice. We will publish the exact carbon reduction figures after we have run a number of tests and calculations.

In late October, the time had finally come! The first parts of the mobile scrap shear were delivered. Both the continuous tracks and the frame to be exact. In the first week of November, the top part arrived, made up of the actual scrap shear and the drive system. After mounting the shear on the frame, which took 1 day, all kinds of tests had to be run to be able to fully take the machine into use 5 days later.

New mobile scrap
New mobile scrap shear
New mobile scrap shear
New mobile scrap shear

Mobile scrap shear features

Besides a significant carbon emission reduction compared to the old scrap shear, which required a lot of internal transport, the mobile scrap shear also offers many other benefits. With 800 metric tons of shear force and 320 metric tons of side compression force at 1.1m2, this scrap shearing machine compresses scrap so tightly that it can produce more metric tons per m3. It can process up to 30 metric tons of iron scrap per hour, and 20 metric tons of aluminium scrap per hour. Thanks to its Stage-5 diesel engine and AdBlue, this scrap shear is also far cleaner and offers better fuel economy than its predecessor. Furthermore, this unique product weighs 110 metric tons, is 10 metres long, 5.5 metres wide, and has a height of 5.5 metres, which is all testimony to the robustness of this product’s design and build.

For Jansen Recycling Group, it was a unique process that we completed in partnership with Vezzani. Good and constructive collaboration between Jansen Recycling group and Vezzani has produced a fine end result and we will continue to work together on a world as it is meant to be.

New mobile shear
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