New forklift truck

We have procured a new forklift truck for our yard in Dordrecht. Our new Hyster forklift truck is a heavy-duty model that can lift loads of up to 16 metric tons.

We will be using it to lift rejected shipping containers on our yard. These shipping containers are collected and dismantled to turn them into secondary raw materials.

The new forklift truck enables better stacking of shipping containers. The forklift truck comes with a spreader that lets us lift containers from the top, which makes stacking shipping containers a lot safer for our colleagues.

New forklift truck Hyster
Dismantling a tunnel boring machine

Jansen Recycling Group has been commissioned to dismantle a tunnel boring machine. Curious about the project? Read the article!

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Break time changes and new measures

As COVID-19 restrictions are being eased, we have decided to change the break times.

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The circularity of wind turbines

We have been approached to recycle 5 wind turbines. Would you like to know how the project went? Then read the article!

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