Look back on 2016, look ahead to 2017

February 3rd, Jansen Recycling Group held its traditional annual meeting. It was the perfect occasion for a look back on 2016, which showed that there is still growth in terms of tonnage processed and sold. In 2016, the volume of materials processed was up 10% on 2015, despite a turbulent and unstable market.

Our expectations for 2017 in terms of tonnage are positive, especially considering that we were off to a flying start in the first month of the year.

As far as price developments for iron and metals are concerned, we expect 2017 to be a volatile and challenging year. There is major uncertainty about the Chinese economy, Trump’s policies will do anything but settle nerves, and there is plenty of uncertainty in Europe as well: potentially very close elections in several European nations, unrest in Turkey, and the pending impact of Brexit. All of these factors will have an effect on the metal market and explain the sometimes major intense price fluctuations. That said, we do head into 2017 in good spirits and we are determined to make it a great success! 

Carbon emissions

At Jansen Recycling Group we aim to reduce our carbon emissions.

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Concept engineering completed!

The concept engineering of the first plant of PMC has been completed.

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Pmc process demonstrated!

The last year Purified Metal Company has entered into a partnership with the Technical University of Aachen.

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