Dismantling of 6.000 tonnes bridge

Between October and December, the bridge sections of the old Botlek bridge were delivered in stages to the dismantling yard of Jansen Recycling Group in Vlaardingen. Taken as a whole, the sections weigh some 6000 tonnes.

On 6 December and 23 November, the largest sections from the old Botlek bridge were successfully unloaded in Vlaardingen. A sheerleg was used to transfer the bridge sections — measuring 80m long and 60m high — to the yard. These two sections alone weighed an impressive 4000 tonnes. 

The other sections had already been transported to the yard. At the dismantling yard of Jansen Recycling Group and with the help of demolition contractor Vlasman, the structure will be further dismantled and, over the coming months, reduced to manageable scrap through cutting and burning before being delivered to the melting facility for use as secondary raw material.

Jansen Recycling Group has previously been responsible for the dismantling of the car carrier Baltic Ace, the steel island of the pier from Scheveningen, as well as various other large offshore structures. The company is increasingly focusing on the decommissioning market. “In the coming years, an enormous amount of scrap will be generated in this market,” explains Peter Roest, COO of the Jansen Recycling Group. 


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