CSR evening with climate expert Reinier van den Berg

On 12 December, a CSR evening was organised for all employees of Jansen Recycling Group. Weatherman and climate expert Reinier van den Berg was invited to speak at the event, and he delivered a strong message about the shape our planet is in. The evening ended with a workshop, which generated plenty of ideas on how to do things more sustainably.

Jansen Recycling Group’s vision is ‘to work on a world as it is meant to be’. Reinier van den Berg explained — based on solid evidence — that the climate is not doing too well these days. The planet is becoming warmer, sea levels are rising, and we are experiencing more extreme weather (increasing number of hurricanes, floods and extreme drought in various parts of the world), and this can all be traced back to human activity.

As a company, we want to work sustainably and take our corporate social responsibility into account in the decisions we make every day. Given that the best ideas come from the shop floor, the second part of the evening was set aside for the employees, divided into groups, to come up with sustainable ideas. As well as sustainable procurement and sustainable energy measures that are relatively easy to implement, the groups also came up with other ideas relating to our core processes that are definitely worth exploring further.

Dismantling of 6.000 tonnes bridge

Between October and December, the bridge sections of the old Botlek bridge were delivered in stages to our dismantling yard.

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Summer! The perfect moment to stop and think about why we do what we do in our everyday lives.

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New yard exceeding expectations

The new Dordrecht yard has been operational for nearly two months now and has been exceeding expectations.

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