Coaster loaded in Vlaardingen

On 14 June 2017, a coaster was loaded in Vlaardingen for the very first time. The large Liebherr LH80 port crane made short work of loading the ship: the job was done within a day.

At Jansen Recycling Group’s dismantling yard in Vlaardingen, vessels and structures arrive by land and sea to be cut into manageable pieces with a cutting torch. These pieces are then fed into the Lindeman scrap shear (with a cutting force of 1000 tonnes) where they are cut down to size ready for transport to a melting facility in the Netherlands or abroad, where the metal is used as a secondary raw material.

Loading of a coaster in Vlaardingen
Non-ferrous relocation complete

The relocation of the non-ferrous yard from Rotterdam to Dordrecht went smoothly.

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Dutch breakthrough in the recycling of contaminated metal

Purified Metal Company wants to build a state-of-the-art facility in Delfzijl.

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271-tonne transformer unloaded

A 271-tonne transformer was unloaded at Jansen's dismantling yard in Vlaardingen.

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