Wind turbine recycling

Wind turbine recycling

Jansen Recycling Group has dismantled 5 parts of a wind turbine. Curious about how we recycle the parts? Read the article!
Hopper Barge Recycling JRG

Hopper barge

Hopper barges and other types of vessels can be dismantled and recycled at our yards. Read more here.
Storage tower EN JRG

Storage tower

Curious about the possibilities when dismantling a storage tower? Read the article.

Project Baltic Ace completed

At the end of 2015, Jansen Recycling Group successfully completed the dismantling of the wreckage parts of the car carrier Baltic Ace.
Dismantled container cranes

Dismantled container cranes

1552 tons of scrap was delivered to our yard in Vlaardingen from 2 container cranes. Read the article for more information.