Carbon footprint in 2017

Our carbon footprint was calculated again in 2017. The results show that over 56% of our carbon emissions result from the diesel fuel consumed by (in particular) the grab cranes and the forklift trucks. More than 37% can be attributed to the scrap shears, which require a lot of electricity to operate.

Carbon footprint in 2017

Tonnes of CO2 (2017) Percentage %
Equipment 2.634 56,3
Electricity 1.751 37,4
Cars 126 2,7
Air travel 33 0,7
Welding gas 86 1,8
Refrigerant 0 0
Heating 49 1
Total 4.682 100

In 2017, our carbon footprint was 4.2% bigger than it was in 2016, mainly due to the extra tonnage we processed in 2017. Furthermore, with the move from Rotterdam to Dordrecht, we loaded around 5000 extra tonnes of equipment and material, forcing our cranes to work twice as hard. Other developments in 2017 that stand out are the increase in the consumption of welding gas (for torch cutting), the increase in air travel (mainly to and from Far Eastern countries), and the reduction in the consumption of gas for heating, which can be explained by the move from Rotterdam to Dordrecht (combining these yards and offices). If we take into account the extra tonnes we handled last year, the result is a per-tonne reduction of 7.2%, which is a great result.

Carbon emissions in 2017 and 2016

Tonnes of CO2 in 2017      Tonnes of CO2 in 2016       Difference        
 Equipment  2634  2476  + 6.4%
 Electricity         1751  1735  + 1.0%
 Cars  126  128  – 1.5%
 Air travel  33  28  + 15.6%
 Welding gas  86  61  + 41.7%
 Refrigerant  0  3  – 100%
 Heating  49  58  – 16.2%
 Total  4682  4492 + 4.2%


Jansen Recycling Group has set itself the target of reducing its per-tonne carbon emissions by at least 20% by 2020 compared with 2014. If we take our total carbon emission equivalents per tonne now and compare this with the figure for 2014, we have achieved a reduction of more than 16% in carbon emissions per tonne, meaning we are well on schedule.

You can read more on our CO2 Performance Ladder page.

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Holidays and closing days April and May

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