Dismantling of wind-turbine towers

More and more old wind turbines are being replaced in the Netherlands with larger and more efficient turbines with higher yields. Some are just sold off second hand, but an increasing number of turbines are being scrapped. We buy and process wind-turbine towers. Such as on 3 October 2017.

The wind turbine we received that day had a total length of 65 metres. The turbine arrived in three parts. The first section had a diameter of 5 metres, with the upper section 2.80 meter. The total weight: around 150 tons. We cut the tower using cutting torches and a hydraulic scrap cutter at our dismantling yard in Vlaardingen.

The Netherlands now has more than 2,000 wind turbines. But this number has been increasing continuously for 25 years. Each turbine has to be dismantled eventually. Our yard in Vlaardingen is very well suited to this purpose. The approach routes from the motorway are obstacle-free. And the yards are large enough for unloading the tower sections using cranes, even if they are dozens of metres long. And that proved to be the case, as we were able to deal with even the largest section, the lower 26-metre section of the tower, without problem.

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