Dismantling the Scheveningse Pier

On 25 August 2017, a section of the Scheveningse Pier arrived in Vlaardingen to be demolished at our dismantling yard. This was due to a major renovation of the pier. It concerned the most northern section of the pier: the ‘Stalen Eiland’. This section was in very poor state of repair and had already been closed to the since 1991.

The steel pillars, on which the superstructure rested, were cut at sea. The complete structure was slung in a floating crane the Matador 3 of Bonn & Mees, which set the structure on a pontoon. The structure was transported to the dismantling yard in Vlaardingen via the Nieuwe Waterweg. Here we successfully dismantled the object, totalling some 1,000 tons. We supplied the iron as a secondary raw material to steel smelters.

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